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Featured Frame Line! OGI

OGI designer framesYou know that one piece in your closet that you can wear with just about anything? It fits just right and it makes you feel fabulous when you wear it? We wanted to feature one of our frame lines that fills that space in our store. OGI is beautifully made, great quality, innovative, and feels like it suits many faces and many styles. The line started in Minnesota with an optician who created what he felt like the industry was missing, edgy funky glasses in more sizes! The story we heard is that he borrowed the name OGI from his daughter’s favorite stuffed bear, and we were charmed right from the start.

We carry three frame lines that are made and produced by OGI, their flagship line of the same name, Innotec, and Seraphin. The OGI line is bright, playful, quirky - it’s for feeling like going out to that gallery opening with panache! We feel like OGI goes beyond the trend to give you wearable artwork for years to come; it’s a perfect addition to your seraphin frames in concordeyewear wardrobe!

Innotec is very cutting-edge design with European styling, and some of the newest materials adapted for eyewear. We tend to focus on this line when helping someone who’s seeking superior design paired with confident construction. This line is also phenomenal for folks who are sensitive to the weight of their frames - Innotec tend to be very lightweight without sacrificing cool style!

seraphin 2Seraphin is elegant but never stuffy or staid. With really beautiful, soft colors it enhances the person wearing it rather than being distracting. We love how elevated it feels, with small thoughtful details like a swoop to the temple, or an unexpected bevel on the top line of the frame. We find Seraphin works well for the discerning wearer who wants fashion forward design without making a big statement.

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