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Dr. Chen in Peru – We’re Proud of You!


Dr. Bonnie Chen traveled with Lions In Sight for a mission trip in April 2016 to Lima Peru. While there the team performed vision screening and assisted in providing eyewear to over 1000 patients per day. The Lions In Sight typically conduct 10-12 clinic missions per year.

Clinic locations are different each year.Lions In Sight have conducted over 190 clinic missions in 31 countries and have helped over 193,000 people improve their vision and their lives. Lives are diminished as vision is diminished. Children with poor vision struggle in school, limiting their opportunities to lead a normal, productive life.

Adults lose productivity as their near vision predictably declines with age. Seniors lose their independence and dignity as they become increasingly reliant upon others for the simplest tasks.Basic eye care and eyeglasses contribute not only to the improvement of the quality of life for all ages, but also to the process of national development.

We are dedicated to bringing basic eye care and eyeglasses to a world of people in need.

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